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April 2017 - Vasilakos Design

SEO vs. Lead Generation – The simple answer

I receive a lot of inquires, questions and concerns when working with clients that do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the biggest question I receive after 1-2 months of work is “I have not received any leads from the campaign yet, why is that?” Let me make it simple and explain the differences between SEO

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Pay-Per-Click and Google AdWords 101

All companies want to see their websites or URLs appear at the top of search engine rankings. However, earning increased exposure through organic search results isn’t something that happens overnight. Ideally, your digital marketing campaign should be a mix of paid search tools and organic optimization. However, not all paid search options may be ideal

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Jump Aboard the Digital Marketing Trend Train

No business owner that is involved in digital marketing can afford to sit idle as techniques and technology change around them. If you want to be ahead of the curve in your industry, it is crucial that you understand the trends driving today’s best practices. By being dialed in to the latest news in digital marketing,

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