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Jumpstarting Your Stagnant Content Marketing Campaign

Like everyone else, you’ve heard time and time again about how incorporating content marketing into your B2B advertising campaign will yield robust results and position your company as a thought leader within your industry. Like the wise business manager that you are, you’ve likely adopted many of those strategies. So why, then, after months of having put forth the effort to engage with clients on social media and filling your site with informational resources such as blogs and whitepapers have you yet to see the dramatic ROI you were anticipating? With the natives (a.k.a., your colleagues and company stakeholders) starting to get restless, is it time to abandon your content marketing campaign?

Despite the frustration and desperation you must be feeling, remember that there is plenty of empirical evidence out there suggesting that your commitment to content marketing will ultimately be rewarded. Those rewards will not come, however, by simple blind adherence to suggested B2B marketing strategies. You and your colleagues must also be willing to put in the needed legwork to ensure that your efforts remain dynamic in dealing with any challenges you may encounter.

Help Others See Your Vision

Yet that point right there may point you to the root of your current problem. While you may have the vision needed to see the wisdom inherent in adopting content marketing strategies, can you say the same about your co-workers? Is your level of buy-in sufficient to generate a united effort from all parties involved? If not, that is where your immediate attention must be focused. Your skills as a marketing professional are vital to the success of your campaign, yet without the knowledge of those engaged in developing and distributing your products or services, you cannot create the content engaging enough to take advantage of the benefits that B2B advertising offers.

Take the time to sit down with all of the members of your team and solicit their feedback. Remind them that the success of this endeavor is a group effort, and that each brings expertise that will help in generating results. Consider jumpstarting your content optimization by working with each member of your internal team individually to collaborate on an initial blog or case study to offer guidance and show them how their knowledge is a needed resource to your marketing efforts.

Do You Have an Actual Content Marketing Strategy?

Once you feel confident in your level of internal buy-in, the next step in reassessing your B2B marketing efforts is evaluating your strategy. Ultimately, this step may simply reveal that you never really had one in the first place. Plenty of marketing and advertising professionals in your position simply piggyback off of the ideas of others and fail to realize that customization is the key to effective content marketing. You need to know exactly what it is that you and your firm hope to achieve through your marketing campaign. That allows you to see if your goals may be too ambitious, and whether or not you need to adjust them (in the immediate) in order to identify more tangible results.

When re-evaluating your strategy, consider taking the following steps:

  • Take a peek at your competition: Your competitors offer a unique advantage that no other marketing consultant can: Insight into your industry. By studying their content marketing efforts, you may be able to see what topics and selling points the consumers in your space respond to. Paying attention to what your competition is saying also allows you see what it is that makes you unique from them. That knowledge empowers you to be able to market your uniqueness to potential clients.
  • Emphasize content quality, not quantity: With so much information out there on the Internet, your goal should be to focus on making your content more valuable. That means providing better, more authoritative information that your audience finds to be actionable. If that requires you to scale back on producing a large volume of content so you can dedicate more time to the research that goes into it, so be it.
  • Take advantage of paid promotion: Your goal is to optimize your organic search results, yet sometimes you need to pay in order to first get your company’s name out there. Paid promotions through search engines or social media platforms will immediately increase your exposure.

Remember that the goal to grow your organic exposure and arrive at being viewed as one of the more reliable subject matter experts in your sector is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t allow short-term stagnancy or setbacks take your eyes of the ultimate prize of enjoying all of the benefits that effective content marketing has to offer. Rather, simply take a moment to review where you’re at, re-evaluate your strategy if needed, and then continue on, firm in your resolution to see all of your hard work pay off.

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