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Three Ways B2B Marketing Strategy Affects Website Design

The robustness and integrity of a website’s design can be positive factors in moving the B2B sales process down the funnel. Since the trip down the funnel is slower for B2B than B2C and requires more information to be consumed by decision makers, your website can be at the core of your content marketing strategy to make a great impression on prospective clients while they are in the process of making a decision. Here are three factors to incorporate into your website design that can increase your conversions.

Focus on Being Helpful

Does your website help a prospective client or hinder a sale? Imagine if you had the best products in the industry, but no one could find out about them from your website because it was so confusing and poorly designed. Take an honest look at your present website. If there is content or design on your website that does not educate or help the client, it should be removed. Your website should be easy to navigate so that your client can readily find helpful information. You can have a great sales staff, but if a client is frustrated or turned off with your website, it is likely that the lead will not convert. Here are some more website improvement tips:

  • Make your core services readily displayed on your landing page.
  • Your contact information is worth repeating. It needs to be on a header or footer throughout your website so the client does not have to hunt for it when she is ready to contact you.
  • Keep your website up to date with relevant information and a periodic design refresh.

Credibility Counts 

The key to credibility with a sales prospect is to provide relevant content on the website, as it is very likely your website will be visited multiple times during the decision making process. If your prospect is continually engaged with your website, it makes it easier to build a trusting relationship.

A company blog that targets the needs and concerns of your customers, relevant and timely social media posts, and offers of content such as e-books, guides, and tip sheets are all great ways to build credibility and engagement. Make sure that content is truly educational and has value for your customer, and vary the content perspective to address a variety of decision makers in the company.

Sales Come Second

Resist the temptation to close the sale too soon by asking for lengthy information from the website viewer or implementing pop-up screens asking for e-mail addresses. These tactics are extremely irritating to most prospects and will drive more leads away than it will generate. It is more beneficial to focus on the long game and show the prospect what you can do for them. Avoiding the hard sales tactics and instead informing the prospect of industry trends and how your company can address them is the best way to win business.

In It for the Long Haul

The longer decision process for B2B sales necessitates strong web marketing strategy and execution. Diversity of relevant content that is frequently updated, along with a clean and straightforward site design will make it easier for your company to develop relationships with prospective clients, and down the line, close sales.

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