Commercial Finance SEO Case Study

From Zero To 25,000 Ranking Keywords!

The realm of commercial finance is notoriously tough to crack but can also be incredibly rewarding in the digital landscape.

When this client approached us, they were starting from almost zero in terms of website traffic.

In our detailed case study, we’ll demonstrate how we significantly boosted the number of keywords they ranked for, AND how we elevated their estimated monthly traffic value to upwards of $350,000!


Ambitious to make their mark among industry leaders, the website launched in July 2017 quickly gained traction, amassing about 13,000 monthly visitors. Upon enrolling in our flexible SEO X program in October of the same year, the owner embraced a scalable strategy. Beginning modestly with a $3,000 monthly investment, they confidently escalated their spend to $40,000 per month, correlating with the robust growth and results delivered by the program. Our SEO X program is uniquely designed to adapt to various budget requirements, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can achieve their expansion goals.

The SEO Audit

The website in question was freshly launched and had not incurred any penalties. It did, however, exhibit a relatively high proportion of aggressive anchor texts, constituting 7% of its profile. Aware of this, we were confident that the available budget would sufficiently cover the costs to diversify the anchor text distribution.

“Easy Wins” Keyword Analysis

We found 230 keywords that are just on the cusp of getting a lot of attention online, with search numbers ranging from a modest 20 to a whopping 11,000 monthly searches.

These particular keywords are already pretty popular and are close to being among the top choices people see in search results. This means with a little bit of work, they can really stand out and bring a lot more visitors to our site quickly!

Each of these keywords is one that businesses actually invest money in to be prominently displayed in Google’s advertising space, showing that they’re definitely worth the effort. Incredibly, some keywords that aren’t searched for as often could still be very profitable, bringing in as much as $20 every time someone clicks on them!

When choosing which keywords and website pages to focus on, we considered how many keywords each page could potentially attract. And by combining forces with our client, we were able to make their web pages even more relevant and attractive to these searches. 


Talk Strategy With An Expert

Get expert advice on the right strategy for your business! In our 30 minute strategy session we’ll dive into:

  • How SEO can work for your website and business
  • Which strategies will get the best ROI
  • Which packages are right for you

Competitive Gap Analysis

Our analysis aims to spot valuable words or phrases—also known as keywords—that your competitors rank for on search engine results, but your site doesn’t. Discovering these keywords is like finding hidden treasure because they can spark many new ideas for creating content that attracts visitors to your website!

In our in-depth search, we uncovered more than a thousand keywords that your competitors are using to their advantage—but not your site.

During our campaign, we focused on creating three different kinds of webpages, each serving a distinct purpose:

General Topic Pages

  • These pages cover broad topics. They aim to attract a lot of visitors by talking about subjects that many people are interested in.

Product Review Pages

  • We spotted specific products and brands that we could write reviews about after analyzing the gap in content. These reviews were crafted to be helpful, guiding readers and potentially leading to sales.

Additional Support Pages

  • Towards the latter part of our campaign, once we had established a solid base of crucial content, we began to add supportive pages. These pages helped boost our efforts in the more competitive areas.

For instance, we might create a series of detailed articles about a specific aspect of a general topic. We would make sure these articles are interlinked, leading up to the main article on the topic that competes for attention in search results. These supportive pages often targeted more focused groups of readers or covered specific scenarios related to the broader topic.

The result? A stronger presence in search results and a foundation that supports your visibility among industry competitors.


Our campaign achieved impressive results by creating a clear plan, executing it effectively, and keeping open lines of communication with our client. Within just a few months, our website has become a strong player in our field, showing up well in search results for popular terms. Presently, the estimated value of the website traffic we receive each month is around $351,000.

It ranks for over 25,000 keywords, and the traffic graph grew aggressively over the last year:

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