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Paid Search Marketing

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Digital Advertising Strategies and Services

When Google introduced AdWords in 2003, the online digital advertising landscape was flipped upside down. This new powerful digital advertising tool now allowed business owners to compete directly with larger businesses at a scaleable and low-risk capacity.

When you come to pay per click (or paid search) advertising, if you don’t understand the complicated language and complex scenarios, you’re more than likely to give up or worse, get in over your head and spend a lot of money. No need to be scared, we at Vasilakos Design can handle virtually any pay-per-click campaign, from search engines to social media networks. We are here to assist in generating as many new leads as possible while maintaining the quality leads that you expect.

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Some Advantages of Using Pay Per Click Advertising:

  • Immediate search visibility
  • Reinforce Branding
  • Great way to test new products and capabilities
  • Local to global exposure
  • Control and Flexibility on your goals and budget
  • Instant traffic
  • Easily trackable ROI

Contact Us For A Free Adwords Audit

Whether you are new to PPC or an existing Adwords client, have our Google AdWords Certified professional’s perform a free campaign audit for your account. The results from this audit will show how previous campaigns performed and where there is room for improvement.

For new Adwords clients, our audits will be able to pull metrics from your industry market and geographical area to show you where to target your ads and what to set your bids at.

Our audits are obligation free! We will send the results to in PDF format and you are free to utilize our evaluation as you see fit.

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