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Cracking the Code of Local SEO: Your Gateway to Neighborly Visibility

In the bustling marketplace of today's digital ecosystem, standing out is not just a matter of chance—it's a science. And for the millions of small businesses trying to make their mark within their local community, this science comes in the form of Local SEO, a...

How to Use Your LinkedIn Summary to Stand Out from the Crowd

In today's digitally driven professional landscape, your LinkedIn profile can be the gateway to new opportunities, from networking with industry leaders to landing lucrative deals. Among the many sections of a LinkedIn profile, the summary is a strategic element that...

Why Invest in Marketing? 4 Unbeatable Business Outcomes

Investing in marketing is much like planting a seed; it requires time, resources, and a lot of nurturing. But, when that seed blossoms, it can create a veritable garden of opportunities for your business. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the top...

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Citation Audit

Before beginning any local SEO campaign, it's important to know where you stand. If you have any inconsistent or incorrect citations, it could hurt your ability to rank. With our local citation audit, we check:

All NAP Variations: We'll find any variations of your listings that may be inconsistent. Existing Correct Citations: We'll find all your correct citations to avoid duplications. Incorrect Citations: We'll find if you have any incorrect citations as a result of a move or incorrect information. Aggregator Citations: We'll check the major aggregators to ensure correct data.

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